Hajj 2017

Now that you've made the intention to perform the pilar of Hajj, it's time to register! This year, you'll get the deal of a lifetime by joining us on our 20th Pilgrimage Celebration! We are offering the same exclusive VIP packages and services at unbeatable prices as a way to thank our loyal pilgrims and give more people the opportunity to join us on this blessed journey. We are constantly looking to set the bar higher for hajj services and after garnering extensive feedback from hajjis, we are pleased to announce that we will not be having hajjis stay in a building in Al-Azaziya at all! You, our fellow pilgrims, want to always be at the border of one of the Haramain in a 5 star hotel (when not performing the manasik) and so that is what we have arranged!

Hajj Packages 2017